Updating to latest IaaSDiagnostics

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We had some problems with the Diagnostics extension for Azure IaaS not reporting data to the web GUI.
No data available for some metrics.
Turns out v 1.2 of IaaSDiagnostics is kind of buggy. So we need to install a later version. No way on doing that in the portal so we will use powershell for this.

Ok first we set the common stuff

$serviceName = 'mySERVICEname'
$vmName = 'myVMname'
$vm = Get-AzureVM –ServiceName $serviceName –Name $vmName

Lets check what version we are running

HandlerName            : Microsoft.Azure.Diagnostics.IaaSDiagnostics
Version                :
Status                 : Ready
Code                   : 
Message                : 
FormattedMessage       : 
ExtensionSettingStatus : Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Commands.ServiceManagement.Model.ResourceExtensionConfigurationStatus
ExtensionData          : 

Is there a newer version ?

Get-AzureVMAvailableExtension -ExtensionName IaaSDiagnostics -Publisher Microsoft.Azure.Diagnostics
Publisher                   : Microsoft.Azure.Diagnostics
ExtensionName               : IaaSDiagnostics
Version                     : 1.5
Label                       : Microsoft Monitoring Agent Diagnostics
Description                 : Microsoft Monitoring Agent Extension
PublicConfigurationSchema   : 
PrivateConfigurationSchema  : 
IsInternalExtension         : False
SampleConfig                : 
ReplicationCompleted        : True
Eula                        : 
PrivacyUri                  : 
HomepageUri                 : 
IsJsonExtension             : True
DisallowMajorVersionUpgrade : False
SupportedOS                 : 
PublishedDate               : 2015-10-26 18:40:33
CompanyName                 : Microsoft
Regions                     : 

Yes there is, So what we will do here is to grab the current configuration, uninstall the old extension and install the newest one.

Lets grab the wadcfg configurations.

$configPath = 'C:\somepath\wadcfg.xml'
$extensionContext = Get-AzureVMDiagnosticsExtension -VM $vm
$publicConfiguration = $extensionContext.PublicConfiguration | ConvertFrom-Json
[System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetString([System.Convert]::FromBase64String($publicConfiguration.xmlcfg)) | Out-File -Encoding utf8 -FilePath $configPath

Lets remove and uninstall current version

Remove-AzureVMExtension -Publisher Microsoft.Azure.Diagnostics -ExtensionName IaaSDiagnostics -VM $vm
$vm | Set-AzureVMExtension -Publisher Microsoft.Azure.Diagnostics -ExtensionName IaaSDiagnostics -Version 1.* -Uninstall | Update-AzureVM

When thats done. lets install newest version, it this case it is 1.5.*

$configPath = 'C:\somepath\wadcfg.xml'
$storageAccount = 'nameofstorageaccount'
$storageKey = 'storageaccountkey'
$storageContext = New-AzureStorageContext -StorageAccountName $storageAccount -StorageAccountKey $storageKey 
$vm | Set-AzureVMDiagnosticsExtension -DiagnosticsConfigurationPath $configPath -StorageContext $storageContext -Version '1.5' | Update-AzureVM

Now version 1.5 should be installed and start reporting data to the GUI.

Great success!

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