Azure Service Manager to Azure Resouce Manager asm2arm

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Stumbled upon some nice scripts that helps migrating and moving virtual machines from the classic stack (Azure Service Manager) to ARM (Azure Resoucer Manager)

You find it at

Managing resources within Azure when there is two stacks complicates things a bit.
Two totally different approaches in how the resources are built and deployed.
A good rule is to always deploy all resources in ARM.
ASM will eventually be discontinued,

So if you already now want to move your resources you should look up asm2arm.
It wont move all types of resources but it will help you with the vm´s at least.

2 Comments on “Azure Service Manager to Azure Resouce Manager asm2arm”

  1. Is there a way to migrate from 1 subscription in ASM to a new subscription in ARM? I don’t see a way to specify the destination subscription?

    1. Hi Sean,

      I don’t think this able through these scripts. What I would suggest and what we have done is creating a resource group, vnet, storage accounts in the target subscription. Then turn of the servers and copy the vhd files to the new storage account. Then deploy new servers and pointing out the OS vhd files. How to copy files between storage accounts is described here Also maybe I will do a blog post on how to deploy servers with a existing VHD and ARM templates.

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